PwC has taken the lead as the firm with most FTSE 250 audit clients, jumping from third position, according to the Q1 auditor rankings from Adviser Rankings.

By adding six new clients PwC swapped positions with Deloitte, who dropped down to the third slot.

Almost all FTSE 250 clients are divided between the Big Four firms, with the exception of five with Grant Thornton and four with BDO.

PwC now boasts a total of 69 FTSE 250 clients, compared with 66 for KPMG, 64 for Deloitte and 42 for EY.

The order also holds when organising FTSE 250 clients by market cap, with PwC coming out on top with £133.5bn.

PwC also retained its lead of most FTSE 100 clients, holding steady at 35, with KPMG in second place with 24 clients. FTSE 100 audit clients are all divided amongst the Big Four, save for one with BDO.

The rankings for AIM clients also held steady, with BDO extending its lead over KPMG, with 148 clients in comparison with 139. However, PwC still leads the way with highest market cap of AIM clients, at £30.7bn.

By sector, KPMG has most financial audit clients (150), as well as consumer services (49) and industrials (65). Meanwhile PwC leads with most consumer goods clients (37) and health care (25).

BDO holds the top spots with basic materials clients (34) and oil and gas (25). Finally, Grant Thornton takes the lead with clients in the technology industry (28).

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