A large number of accountants – approaching 10% – are failing to complete enough relevant CPD units each year, research by the IFA revealed, with many professionals instead opting for non-verifiable CPD training and development.

What’s more, research led by the professional accountancy membership body found that one in five accountants complete at least half of their CPD in the 30 days before the deadline. Whilst CPD is considered a requirement of most professional bodies, it is a last-minute consideration in the eyes of many practitioners by not being implemented as part of an annual plan.

CPD is advisable for accountants as it helps them to keep up with individual and business needs, a useful process in times of change. The certification is set to increase in importance due to the government updating core financial controls such as anti money-laundering legislation.

Whilst it can be difficult to find the time to complete CPD units, most professional bodies now consider CPD as a requirement. All accountants are reminded to achieve the required credits before the year ends.

An easy process

To make the process more accessible, IFA Direct offers a flexible online programme presenting module by module options. It also incorporates a list of CPD workshops covering technical, regulatory and business skills- both still available for accountants needing to secure CPD before 2020.

John Edwards, CEO of the IFA stated: “Mandatory CPD ensures that our industry practitioners develop and maintain their professional competence to perform their roles to the highest possible standards. We’ve tried to make it as accessible as possible to secure CPD hours and with our IFA Direct online learning programme, it couldn’t be easier.”

According to dates of registry, participants can have access to a wide range of modules:

Before 6th September: 107 Financial statements, internal controls and systems in business environment; 201 Management information and 201 Assurance, running from 23rd September to 1st November.

By 25th October: 108 Budgeting in a business environment; 209 Financial reporting; 302 Advanced Taxation modules, starting on the 11th of November.

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