Give managers important work and respect to end “back-to-work-blues”

Giving managers more respect and a challenging project is as powerful as improving their work-life balance, according to research by executive mentors Rutbusters. The research studied the opinions of 1,000 senior managers, business owners, professionals and executives and perhaps unsurprisingly found that 84% of managers believed that higher pay or a promotion would increase their […]Read More

Growth of technology projects helps EY post record global revenues

Investment of $1bn in automation and blockchain projects helped EY achieve record global revenues of $36.4bn in their 2019 report, showing the growing importance of technology in the profession. These new projects have seen EY transform traditional services and launch new offerings of intelligent technologies and digital solutions, while also increasing the number of blockchain […]Read More

HMRC’s yield from investigations into wealthy individuals hits record

HMRC’s yield from inquiries into wealthy individuals in 2018/19 boosted in comparison to the previous year – hitting £1.8bn. The year 2017/18 generated a yield of £1bn from compliance activities in relation to wealthy individuals. Following the leak of the Panama Papers, compliance checks led by HMRC had risen, generating an increase in government revenue. […]Read More

What does the future hold for tax professionals?

Thanks to digitalisation, not to mention regulatory changes, the global tax ecosystem is changing – fast and now. Technology offers tax administrators plenty of promised benefits. The likes of cloud computing, machine learning, AI, robotics and automation promise to make compliance yields better and close tax gaps. However, at the same time technology changes are […]Read More

Four key steps to moving your accounting practice online

Record keeping and tax reporting are now required to be digital, thanks to MTD. How are you getting on with it? Instead of grumbling and resisting the changes that are being forced upon you (and your clients), is there a way to make it the catalyst to a more efficient and profitable accounting firm? In […]Read More

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